If you are buying a property and would like to know how the plumbing is holding up, if anything needs replacing and how much work may potentially be involved with that property then we can certainly assist you. We regularly see houses sold with hot water units weeks or even days from failure and this can set you back thousands after you have just spent so much on your new property! Poor flow due to inappropriately sized piping and appliances may hot be noticed when you look through the house, but after a hard day of moving and unpacking you will certainly notice it when you have your first disappointing shower. We can also let you know if we find any illegal plumbing that may cause problems further down the track. We can also let you know via the use of our CCTV drain inspection kit if your new asset will have you calling a plumber every couple of months to unblock the tree roots our of your system or needing to replace sections of badly damaged pipes.